President Speak is a Highly Practical Approach. It’s 100% designed for leaders and top performers who need and want people to listen to them, interact with them and follow them.

President Speak reveals the best techniques great communicators use, and helps you find your own authentic style of speaking.

Authenticity, including the ability to communicate authentically with others, has become an important leadership attribute. Find out how you connect with and inspire others.

For over 15 years both Soulaima Gourani and Anne Skare Nielsen have been known for being the best presenters and speakers around the world. They will make you become a much more influential communicator.

Who is this training for?

Presidents, executives, politician, or simply head of state. You want to give the best public presentations, speeches and master the spoken word.

You deserve

  • A safe environment to practice
  • Your own style of public speaking
  • Knowing how to frame and design ideas and themes
  • Mastering how to prepare a talk on the fly
  • Insights into how brains perceive and process communication
  • To know the arts of nonverbal communication
  • To truly shine and create enthusiasm
  • To be more spontaneous in your presentations
  • To keep your audience’s attention
  • To handle feedback
  • How to convey important information quickly and eloquently
  • How to communicate bad news
  • How to handle all kinds of questions
  • How to build trust with your audience
  • When and how to use anecdotes
  • How to be a great performer - on a bad day
  • How to design your mood and energy before a presentation
  • To feel at ease on stage