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Own the Stage

Long term engagement (1 year) – You will get our exclusive attention during a 1 year digital training program. In the privacy of your own surroundings, we will work with you, guide you and assist you however you require. We will work with you on your presentation, message and vision that you want to share with the world. It will be the year you transformed yourself, and realised just how powerful your voice can be.

Speaking Tour Coaching

(2 days in person) – You may be an influential person who has achieved great success, but standing in front of a crowd you feel shy, nervous or not powerful. Don’t worry, these are actually traits of some of the world’s most visionary performers. Your humanity and personality are assets that need to work for you. Our 2 days coaching will get you ready for that next big speech – and leave your audience spellbound and amazed.

Complete Transformation

(1 week bootcamp) – Fly the team in, and receive a full, magical, and intense makeover. We will never change the person you are. Instead, we will unleash your powerful potential to activate your shine on stage. We will work with your presentation, honing your message and visuals to wow your audiences. Our bootcamp is for the select few, and will build you a skill set that will last you a lifetime and transform your influence.

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